Lanpan's competitive advantage is derived from:
  • Experience - complimented by a dedicated team with extensive experience in vessel operations, which allows prompt, effective and efficient response to the satisfaction of our clients;
  • Functionality - vessel designs are tailored to functionality, thus bringing about greater cost-economies to our clients, as compared to tugs of similar class;
  • Shipbuilding - thorough involvement in the entire shipbuilding process resulting in intricate knowledge and familiarity with vessels;
  • Sister vessels - vessels within the fleet mostly sister ships, enabling ease of deployment / redeployment, maintenance and operation of the vessels;
  • HSE - pride is taken in upholding of policies to the highest order, in strict adherence to the HSE policies of the regulatory authorities and those of our clients.

Lanpan is committed to providing quality marine services to all our clients through services which consistently meet their needs and expectations.
Notwithstanding, the company is totally dedicated to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis placed upon marine safety, safe working practices and the protection of the environment.
Lanpan believes customer satisfaction and the reputation of the company are directly dependent upon this working philosophy.