Post date: Jan 23, 2015 4:45:39 AM

21st January 2015: M/V Lanpan 30 (6962hp AHT, 92TBP) successfully completed the towage of our client's 137m semi-submersible barge from Shanghai to Western Jurong Anchorage Singapore. Main tow line was disconnected at 1020hrs where the tow bridle was handed over to client's receiving tug, and handover completed at 1030hrs.

Working in northeast monsoon with wind speed of 23 knots, this towage was Lanpan 30's first assignment and she performed above expectation. With safety always being the primary focus, tow speed averaged 7.0 knots, at times reaching a high of 7.5 knots. 

We congratulate our crew on the job well done and safely executed with zero incident, and look forward in anticipation to the milestone Lanpan 30 will achieve, as pre-mob preparation commences for her next assignment!